TEX Amateur Radio Traffic Network

TEX, The Texas CW Net. An Independent Net not affiliated with the ARRL

Meets Nightly, 365 Days a Year at

1900 Central Time and 2200 Central Time on 3541 KHz.

*** Alternate Frequency is 3595 KHz on Contest Weekends ***

*** Secondary Frequency is 1841 KHz on Late TEX when conditions warrant ***

Site Created and Maintained by

Steve Phillips, K6JT, Manager of TEX

Plano, Texas


**** See below for links to James Wades' QNI Newsletters *** New December 2017 Issue

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Central Area Status White Paper (In Work) Link: Central Area Status.pdf

RRI Digital Operations White Paper Link: RRI Digital Operations.pdf

Message Origination and Delivery Guidance paper Link: Message Origination and Delivery Guidance.pdf

Cycle 2 CAN and TCC Operations Guidelines paper Link: NTS-005.pdf

RRI Operations Manual 2017 - Link: RRI Traffic Operations Manual.pdf

ICS-213 Procedures addendum to Methods and Practices Guide - Link: MPG Chapter 6 Addendum - ICS Guidance.pdf


To retrieve the most current newsletter, right-click here: Texas Net Jan-Feb 18.pdf

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Older newsletters and traffic handling tools are available as listed below.

Link to the Texas Slow CW Net Website: Texas Slow Net

Link to 7290 Picnic 2006 & Hamcom 2007 Movies: 2006 7290 Picnic and Temple TX Railroad Museum, HamCom 2007

Link to 2008 7290 Traffic Net Picnic Movie: 2008 7290 Picnic at Smithville TX

Link to 2010 7290 Traffic Net Picnic Movie: 2010 7290 Picnic at Smithville TX

** Note ** The Movies are very large (20-30 MB) and require QuickTime to be installed (broadband a must)

You may download the free QuickTime from http://www.apple.com/quicktime


NTS and CW Traffic Net Presentations by K6JT at HAMCOM 2014

NTS Presentation: NTS Presentation.pdf

CW Traffic Net Presentation: CW Traffic Net Presentation.pdf


QNI Newsletters by James Wades WB8SIW

All Issues Now on the QNI Website: QNI-Newsletter.net


Older TEX newsletters

Nov-Dec 2017: Texas Net Nov-Dec 17.pdf

Sep-Oct 2017: Texas Net Sep-Oct 17.pdf

Jul-Aug 2017: Texas Net Jul-Aug 17.pdf

May-Jun 2017: Texas Net May-Jun 17.pdf

Mar-Apr 2017: Texas Net Mar-Apr 17.pdf

Jan-Feb 2017: Texas Net Jan-Feb 17.pdf

Nov-Dec 2016: Texas Net Nov-Dec 16.pdf

Sep-Oct 2016: Texas Net Sep-Oct 16.pdf

Jul-Aug 2016: Texas Net Jul-Aug 16.pdf

May-Jun 2016: Texas Net May-Jun 16.pdf

Mar-Apr 2016: Texas Net Mar-Apr 16.pdf

Jan-Feb 2016: Texas Net Jan-Feb 16.pdf

Nov-Dec 2015: Texas Net Nov-Dec 15.pdf

Sept-Oct 2015: Texas Net Sep-Oct 15.pdf

August 2015: Texas Net Aug 15.pdf

July 2015: Texas Net Jul 15.pdf

June 2015: Texas Net Jun 15.pdf

May 2015: Texas Net May 15.pdf

April 2015: Texas Net Apr 15.pdf

March 2015: Texas Net Mar 15.pdf

February 2015: Texas Net Feb 15.pdf

January 2015: Texas Net Jan 15.pdf

December 2014: Texas Net Dec 14.pdf

November 2014: Texas Net Nov 14.pdf

October 2014: Texas Net Oct 14.pdf

September 2014: Texas Net Sep 14.pdf

August 2014: Texas Net Aug 14.pdf

July 2014: Texas Net Jul 14.pdf

June 2014: Texas Net Jun 14.pdf

May 2014: Texas Net May 14.pdf

April 2014: Texas Net Apr 14.pdf

March 2014: Texas Net Mar 14.pdf

February 2014: Texas Net Feb 14.pdf

January 2014: Texas Net Jan 14.pdf

December 2013: Texas Net Dec 13.pdf

November 2013: Texas Net Nov 13.pdf

October 2013: Texas Net Oct 13.pdf

September 2013: Texas Net Sep 13.pdf

August 2013: Texas Net Aug 13.pdf

July 2013: Texas Net Jul 13.pdf

June 2013: Texas Net Jun 13.pdf

May 2013: Texas Net May 13.pdf

April 2013: Texas Net Apr 13.pdf

March 2013: Texas Net Mar 13.pdf

February 2013: Texas Net Feb 13.pdf

January 2013: Texas Net Jan 13.pdf

December 2012: Texas Net Dec 12.pdf

November 2012: Texas Net Nov 12.pdf

October 2012: Texas Net Oct 12.pdf

September 2012: Texas Net Sep 12.pdf

August 2012: Texas Net Aug 12.pdf

July 2012: Texas Net Jul 12.pdf

June 2012: Texas Net Jun 12.pdf

May 2012: Texas Net May 12.pdf

April 2012: Texas Net Apr 12.pdf

February-March 2012: Texas Net Feb-Mar 12.pdf

January 2012: Texas Net Jan 12.pdf

December 2011: Texas Net Dec 11.pdf

November 2011: Texas Net Nov 11.pdf

October 2011: Texas Net Oct 11.pdf

September 2011: Texas Net Sep 11.pdf

August 2011: Texas Net Aug 11.pdf

July 2011: Texas Net Jul 11.pdf

June 2011: Texas Net Jun 11.pdf

May 2011: Texas Net May 11.pdf

April 2011: Texas Net Apr 11.pdf

March 2011: Texas Net Mar 11.pdf

February 2011: Texas Net Feb 11.pdf

January 2011: Texas Net Jan 11.pdf

December 2010: Texas Net Dec 10.pdf

November 2010: Texas Net Nov 10.pdf

October 2010: Texas Net Oct 10.pdf

September 2010: Texas Net Sep 10.pdf

August 2010: Texas Net Aug 10.pdf

July 2010: Texas Net Jul 10.pdf

June 2010: Texas Net Jun 10.pdf

May 2010: Texas Net May 10.pdf

April 2010: Texas Net Apr 10.pdf

March 2010: Texas Net Mar 10.pdf

February 2010: Texas Net Feb 10.pdf

January 2010: Texas Net Jan 10.pdf

December 2009: Texas Net Dec 09.pdf

November 2009: Texas Net Nov 09.pdf

October 2009: Texas Net Oct 09.pdf

September 2009: Texas Net Sep 09.pdf

August 2009: Texas Net Aug 09.pdf

July 2009: Texas Net Jul 09.pdf

June 2009: Texas Net Jun 09.pdf

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December 2008: Texas Net Dec 08.pdf

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Feb-March 2008: Texas Net Feb_Mar 08.pdf

January 2008: Texas Net Jan 08.pdf

December 2007: Texas Net Dec 07.pdf

November 2007: Texas Net Nov 07.pdf

October 2007: Texas Net Oct 07.pdf

September 2007: Texas Net Sep 07.pdf

August 2007: Texas Net Aug 07.pdf

July 2007: Texas Net Jul 07.pdf

June 2007: Texas Net Jun 07.pdf

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March 2006: Texas Net Mar 06.pdf

February 2006: Texas Net Feb 06.pdf

January 2006:  Texas Net Jan 06.pdf

December 2005: Texas Net Dec 05.pdf

November 2005:  Texas Net Nov 05.pdf

October 2005:  Texas Net Oct 05.pdf

September 2005:  Texas Net Sep 05.pdf

August Greeting Letter:  Texas CW Net.pdf


Other Files of Interest to Traffic Handlers

TEX NCS “Cheat Sheet”:  TEX_NCS_Sheet.pdf

ARL Radiogram Abbreviations:  ARL_Radiograms.pdf

Radiogram Format “Pink” Card:  Message_Form_Card.jpg

Radiogram Forms:  Radiogram3.pdf

Q Signals “Pink” Card:  Q_Signals_Card.jpg

CW Traffic Net Operating Guide:  CW_Traffic_Net_Operating_Guide.pdf

NTS Methods and Practices Guide (ARRL):  NTS Methods and Practices.pdf

NTS Routing Guide:  MPGR04A-NTS ROUTING INFO.pdf


73.  If you have comments or suggestions, email me at steve at k6jt.com